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A Heart For Home: Colors Clank Can

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colors Clank Can

I saw the idea of a "clink can" on Carissa's blog earlier this week and began saving metal lids left and right. Then I tracked down the original source on Making Learning Fun

So, what is a clank can? It's simply a metal bottomed can (recycled from our pantry) in which our kids drop metal lids to make them clank. You can place all types of concepts on the lids for review.

Right now we're using the clank can to practice color identification with Jonathan and reinforce Emahry's knowledge of colors.

To make the can, simply find a metal can with a plastic lid or a can with cardboard sides and a metal bottom. I covered the can in white cardstock that I had already "decorated". Then cut a slit in the lid.

Now collect lots of metal can lids. You can use the metal lids that are on juice concentrate cans. You can also you regular metal jar lids if you have a can opener that take the entire lid off so there are no sharp edges. We don't have this type of can opener, but our neighbor does and was gracious enough to let us borrow it.

You can then attach your concept pieces with clear contact paper, packaging tape or even regular invisible tape.

To play: Lay out all the metal lids face up and ask your child to find a certain color, number, shape, sight word, etc. Then have them drop it through the slit in the top of the clank can.

Here are some ideas for different ways you can use your new clank can:
~ colors
~ numbers
~ shapes
~ sightwords
~ letters
~ days of the week
~ cause and effect
~ story interaction (check out all the great ideas and printables here

Do you have any other ideas for using this simple, but interactive homemade manipulative? We'd love your ideas.

Tools For Tots

Our new clank can works for me!
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