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Good Reads ~ March 12th

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A Heart For Home: Good Reads ~ March 12th

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Reads ~ March 12th

May all your wanderings be blessed!

:: I loved Dawn's Two-Handed Tip about How to Focus on Just One Thing. So often multitasking for me equals a lot of little things started and nothing finished.

:: Amanda's list of Favorite Kids Books to Read with a Really Fantastic Accent made me laugh. It really is more fun to read with a great accent, or in my case any attempted accent at all. But, for the record, I only break out the accents when I'm the only adult at home.

:: Emily simply made me cry with My Mother Never Knew She Could Dance. Would you step over and read and say a prayer.

:: My cousin Sarah has a great Upcycled Cardboard Drawer Divider Tutorial. Now, I'm seriously evaluating every drawer in our home.

Have you stumble upon any good reads this week? Please, share in your comment.
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