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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Target Dollar Deals: Pocket Charts, Puzzles and More!

Yesterday we made a family trip to Target to try and hunt down some great Dollar Section deals. 

Here's what we found:

4 Pocket Charts @ $1 each. 

These are labeled Pocket Chart Schedulers, but of course they can be used lots of different ways. They are each 21 inches long and 14 1/2 inches wide. They are 8 pockets in each. 

We're planning on using one for our calendar this year. Of course it won't be as large as the pocket charts made specifically for that purpose, but our kids also aren't trying to see the calendar from twenty feet away! (We'll be sure to share once we get the calendar pieces printed out and ready to go.)

1 Number Puzzle Set @ $1. 

This has the numbers one through ten. One set has numbers and corresponding pictures. The other set has numbers and corresponding dots. Each small puzzle is self correcting, meaning that the pieces won't fit together unless they are paired up correctly. The bag the set comes in is a resealable Ziploc style which I love!

2 Packs of Jumbo Animal Cards @ $1 each. 

Each set has 20 double sided cards (so 40 animals each). One set is Animal Actions. Each card has a photograph of an animal along with the animal's name and what action they do. These should be fun to get some wiggles out while also working on expanding the kids' vocabulary. The other set is Animal Sounds. Instead of the animal's action each card says the sound the animal makes. Both of these sets also come in resealable Ziploc style bags.

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Anonymous Whozat said...

I bought ALL these items, too! I just read your post on sewing the pocket chart to make a calendar, and I think I'll try that (or find someone with a sewing machine to do it for me!) when I get ready to start calendar time with my daughter. (She's almost 3.)

I introduced the animal action cards last week and she LOVES them.

September 24, 2011 at 11:28 PM  

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