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A Heart For Home: Swagbucks: Get 110 points when you sign up!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Swagbucks: Get 110 points when you sign up!

What if you could fund your Christmas budget with free gift cards?

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it's not.

Our family loves Swagbucks! In our experience it is simply the best way to earn free gift cards. In fact, we've used our free gift cards from Swagbucks to purchase almost all of our Christmas gifts for the past two years. We also use the free Amazon gift cards we get to buy many household items including books, products to use in homeschooling and even cloth diaper detergent.

Right now, Swagbucks is offering a free 80-point bonus when you sign up for a new Swagbucks account and use promo code SBPAYSFORME.

This code is only good for new sign-ups and must used when signing up to get the free points. New users will also get an additional 30 points when signing up. That means you'll start out with 110 points right from the beginning! 

But make sure you join soon, this coupon code is good through November 17, 2011.

Then check out some of the ways we earn more Swagbucks.
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