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31 Days of Busy Bags & Quiet Time Activities

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A Heart For Home: 31 Days of Busy Bags & Quiet Time Activities

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

31 Days of Busy Bags & Quiet Time Activities

31 days of Busy Bags and Quiet Time Activities

Who will benefit from this series?

Are you a stay at home mom looking for a few minutes of down time? Are you trying to figure out how to homeschool your children with a baby, toddler, or preschooler at home? Do you work outside the home and wonder how to keep your young child occupied while you fix dinner or just relax for a few minutes in the evening? Do you regularly care for young children? If you answered yes to any of those questions then busy bags or quiet time activities might be just right for you. Coming up in October, we'll be posting 31 days of busy bag and quiet time activities, printables, and links.

What are Busy Bags & Quiet Time Activities?

Busy Bag: a simple, age appropriate activity that can be pulled out, easily assembled and completed by your child. These are perfect for when you need a few uninterrupted minutes but don't want to let your little one veg in front of the television. Quiet Time Activity: generally geared towards older toddlers, preschoolers, or early elementary aged kids who have given up napping. Establishing a quiet time of independent play gives the child a little down time and the parent a little uninterrupted time as well. Even if you work away from home throughout the week, setting up an afternoon quiet time on the weekends can be a sanity saver.

Do these activities really help?

Busy bags and quiet time activities have been such a blessing in our home and we hope they will help you as well! Throughout October, we'll show you how we use these great tools with our own kids and give you lots of resources to begin implementing busy bags or quiet time activities in your own home.

What can I expect to see during this month long series?

During our 31 days series, we'll show you how to make at least 20 different inexpensive and fun busy bags. We'll also show you how we use a daily quiet time for our 4 and 5 year old. As a bonus, we even have a couple baby approved activities ready to share. We'll also highlight great busy bag and quiet time ideas from other moms around the web. Finally, on October 31st, we'll host a busy bag and quiet time activities link up so you can show off the activities you've made!

Didn't you say something about printables?

We're so excited to share with you our busy bag printables. These files will make putting together your own busy bags very easy. The busy bag printables will be offered for free with each of our busy bag posts. Yes, FREE! However, we're also planning on offering the complete set in our Teacher's Notebook store at the beginning of the month for those of you who prefer one download or who want to get started making your own busy bags. Look for the link in our post on October 1st!
Today's Question: Have you ever heard of or used busy bags or quiet time activities? We'd love to hear your thoughts on our upcoming series.

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You just made this nanny VERY happy! Thanks!

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