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A Heart For Home: Five free codes today + 20 free points for new sign-ups

Monday, June 7, 2010

Five free codes today + 20 free points for new sign-ups

I know I recently posted about Swagbucks as part of Thrifty Thursday, but today they have a great sign up incentive going on.
Today Swagbucks is hosting a big Summer Swag event. They are releasing five different free codes. In addition, every 7th winning search on Swagbucks will be awarded 25 points!

To get these free codes, make sure you are signed up with Swagbucks and then read the post here on how to follow along and snag the codes they are releasing.

If you’re new to Swagbucks, it’s an online search engine that rewards you for searching online. It’s very simple to sign up for. In fact, it takes all of about one minute. There are no fees, no credit card required and no phone number or address requested.

When you sign up, you are credited 30 points to your account. Plus, you’ll be rewarded randomly 5-20 points for searches you do online through their search engine. You can also earn points by downloading the toolbar. Also, Swagbucks routinely gives away free points on their blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

With just a tiny bit of effort, you can pretty easily earn enough to get a $5 Amazon gift card (or a number of other prizes worth around $5) every 4-6 weeks.

Now, you may be thinking, “What’s the big deal if I only earn a $5 gift card every month?” Well, maybe $5 isn’t that exciting, but that’s only the beginning. Your earnings will exponentially multiply when you refer others.

Do you know anyone else who searches online? Tell them about Swagbucks, send them your referral link, and you’ll not only instantly earn more points when they sign up, you’ll also earn points for the searching they do online.

Tell lots of people and you’re well on your way to funding your entire Christmas budget with free gift cards from Swagbucks. Really, you can earn that much! We earned over $450 worth of gift cards last year and are well on our way to surpassing that this year. It really works!

If you have a blog, you’ll especially want to jump on board with this. It’s free, it won’t take much of your time to do, and it could generate a nice stream of gift cards in your mailbox.

Disclosure: If you click through the links in this post and sign up, we get a referral credit. So thanks in advance!

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