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A Heart For Home: List It, Link It ~ My Evernote List

Thursday, February 24, 2011

List It, Link It ~ My Evernote List

I recently downloaded the free version of Evernote and have been using it to store all kinds of things I find on the web. I love the hightlight and clip feature and also being able to add tags and notes to what I save. I also love how easy it is to find things I've saved through Evernote, no more trying to remember what I saved something under in my Favorites or Bookmarks. 

10 Things I Clipped to Evernote this Week

1. Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack Tutorial @ make it perfect 

2. Food Face Plate @ a bird and a bean

3. Silk Dyed Easter Eggs @ Our Best Bites

4. Bubble Wrap Hopscotch @ Giver's Log

5. Button Board @ Tired, Need Sleep

6. Free ABC Printable Art @ kind over matter

9. Kid's Artwork to Embroidery @ Nurturing the tender years

Have you ever heard of Evernote? Do you use it? Have any questions about it? Please, share in the comments.
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Okay, are you ready? Start linking and be sure to visit some other blogs when you get a chance.

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