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A Heart For Home: Tri-Moms: The Winter Blahs

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tri-Moms: The Winter Blahs

Do you find your spirits dropping along with the temperature outside? Well, you're in luck. Today the Tri-Moms are discussing ways to beat the winter blahs.

While every season brings it's own share of joys and struggles, winter can be a difficult time, especially when families find themselves stuck indoors for long periods of time.

Here are some ways our family is beating the winter blahs:

:: We're enjoying new toys and books. After Christmas we put several of the new things away. We've been pulling out something new every few days to keep the little ones from boredom. We also rotate through our other toys and books so there is always something "new" tucked away for rediscovering.

:: We're making more trips to the library. This keeps our bookshelves changing and keeps reading fresh for the long winter months.

:: We bundle up and go outside. Yes, even if it's just for 15 minutes, the fresh air and sunshine help everyone feel a little better.

:: We've been enjoying more craft time. The kids received some crafty items for Christmas, so we've been spending a little more time crafting. I've also finally come to terms with the fact that stickers are made to be used up, so Emahry and Jonathan have been having a blast with the piles of stickers in our sticker bin.

:: We also spend time visiting with friends and family. The change of pace, scenery, and company is a great way to help beat the boredom at home. This past Saturday, the little ones and I spent a couple of morning hours at a new friend's home playing and getting to know one another. The kids loved the time playing and I enjoyed the time spent talking to another mommy of little ones.

:: We've also been spending a little more time baking in the kitchen. While this has been a lot of fun, I definitely need to find ways to warm up in the kitchen without making so many tempting treats.
How do you beat the winter blahs? 

Please visit my fellow Tri-Moms, Kristin @ Bits & Pieces from my Life and Christy @ A Living Homeschool for more ideas for beating the Winter Blahs

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