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Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the Docket for Today

Today is Thursday which means LAUNDRY DAY.

Three loads planned for today, plus possibly washing sheets if we get to it. We have a full day!

Tim's off all afternoon and evening, so the kids and I will try to get everything done this morning.

We're also going to squeeze in a long walk to get us out of the house before the heat gets too bad, as soon as we get a load moved over to the dryer and get everyone pottied (or is it pottyed or is it just not a real word?) and dressed.

Nothing feels quite as refreshing as entering air conditioning after a long walk that ends in a big uphill trek to our house. Especially when you are wearing one baby and pushing the other two in a double stroller. Honestly, if I did this everyday I'd probably lose 10 pounds in a month :)

Also, I need to make a shopping list during nap time today so we'll be ready for running errands tomorrow. I've just started on the adventure of couponing and drug store shopping, so the planning is a little more necessary.

Any tips for a coupon and drug store newbie?

What are you planning for today?

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