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A Heart For Home: Eliya's Birth Story Part 1: A Relaxed Labor at Home

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eliya's Birth Story Part 1: A Relaxed Labor at Home

Since we're expecting number four within the next month or so, I figured it was high time to type up and post Eliya's birth story.

Out of my three labors so far I would say that Eliya's was the most textbook. It is the labor I'd like to repeat. Although Jonathan's birth was by far the easiest, the uncertainty of making it to the birthing center on time added an uncontrolled variable that I'd rather not deal with again.

(Go here if you'd like to read about my (long, hospital transfer, Pitocin, but no pain meds) labor and delivery of our oldest, Emahry. If you like a feel good (short, "easy," barely made it into the triage room) labor and delivery be sure to check out Jonathan's dramatic birth.) 

Now back to Eliya's birth.

When I went to bed on February 8th, 2010, I had no idea that I would have our precious baby girl the next morning. (However, looking back Tim says he thought I might go into labor because I frequented the bathroom much more than normal that evening.)

I woke up around midnight with Jonathan, took him potty, placed a dry diaper on him and settled him back into his bed. Then I returned to bed, hoping to fall back to sleep quickly. But falling back to sleep at all was not in God's plan as I experience the first of some minor contractions.

After about a half hour of lying in bed unable to sleep, I decided I'd make myself useful and get a few things done.

I rolled out of bed and began to putter around the kitchen, making sure things were tidy and clean. At about 1:30 AM I decided that these still mild contractions weren't going away and that I should probably make sure I had everything ready in order to go to the birthing center.

Thankfully, since we had already experienced an early birth with Jonathan, all of our labor and delivery supplies were already packed and loaded into Tim's truck so that we would be able to leave quickly and my sister would have the van (with car seats) for the kids.

I packed up a few last odds and ends then proceeded to climb onto the bathroom counter so I could see well enough to pluck my eyebrows. (What can I say, they were in desperate need and I was running out of quiet things I could do.)

At around 3:30 AM, Tim woke up and discovered me in the bathroom. When I told him I was in labor he was very excited. I told him he should go back to bed, even though I knew he'd never be able to fall back to sleep now. He decided to stay up and try to find something to do. I decided to take a quick shower, boy did the hot water feel good on my belly!

At 4 o'clock I told Tim that we should probably go ahead and call my sister. She woke up a little groggy (who wouldn't), but said she could be ready in just a few minutes.

At this point my contractions were getting substantially stronger and were about 7 minutes apart so I also called the birthing center and spoke with the midwife on call.

Because of my previous super quick labor and the fact that our babies tend to be small, the midwife suggested that I come to the birthing center when my contractions were between 5 and 6 minutes apart.

Continue with Part 2.

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Blogger Savannah said...

I tend to have fast labours daughter's was only 2 hours, and my 2nd son's was about 3 (I'm thinking the epidural slowed that one down cause I Was 6 cm before labour started)..the dr missed that delivery! Look forward to the second post, and I hope you have a smooth delivery this time!

July 25, 2011 at 10:22 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to part 2!! I went back and read your previous labor and delivery stories.

July 26, 2011 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

I am a birth story junky! I can't get enough and you certainly left us hanging. :-)

July 26, 2011 at 11:16 PM  

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