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A Heart For Home: Schooling in September

Monday, October 3, 2011

Schooling in September

So far, our first year of homeschooling is going fairly well. While we're all still adjusting to Tim working late nights, a new baby and our school schedule we have also been learning a lot and Tim and I have both seen academic growth in our children.

We've used our preschool workboxes for 3 weeks now and love them. I have been trying to plan for a week's worth of activities and have done fairly well other than a few last minute scrambles.

One problem we've had to address is the fact that most of our materials are upstairs while we do our schooling downstairs. This typically wouldn't be a problem because I would simply retrieve items the night before we needed them and then return them the next evening. However, with the baby sleeping in our room, I'm often afraid of waking her and opt for just getting items the morning we need them which makes me feel not quite as prepared as I would like.

To solve this problem we are going to try to bring all the materials for the week down at one time and store them in a file box crate. It's not ideal since little hands could possibly get items out through the sides, but the top will be covered so we're hoping it works.

Do you have any tips for staying on top of materials when you can't keep them all in your homeschool space?
Here are some of our homeschool snapshots from this month.

Playdough Mats from Homeschool Creations

Apple Tissue Paper Craft
Letter A Magazine Hunt Collage
A-Z Handwriting Worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Bottle Cap Name Practice
Practicing Fine Motor Skills by Balancing Marbles on Shower Mat Suction Cups
Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards (On Sale At Amazon)

Loom Potholder Craft
What has your schooling looked like in September?
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