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A Heart For Home: CSN Stores Review ~ Commercial Chrome Drying Rack

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CSN Stores Review ~ Commercial Chrome Drying Rack

Every time I visit the CSN Stores website I find new products that interest me. There are over 200 individual stores that carry anything from tableware to electronics. You could easily shop for everyone on your Christmas list from this one site.

When we were offered the chance to review an item from CSN Stores it took quite a while to decide on what we wanted. We finally chose to replace one of our very worn clothes drying racks.

I like our cloth diapers to stay as stain free as possible and last as long as they can, so we normally skip the dryer and use the sun's bleaching power to keep the diapers looking nice. However, where we live we cannot have a clothes line. Instead we use a foldable clothes drying rack. Our old one was made of wood that had begun to chip and snag our diapers on occasion.

When I saw a Commercial Chrome Accordion Drying Rack I knew it would be the perfect replacement for our drying rack. I easily ordered the size I thought would be best and waited for it to arrive. When I opened the box, I immediately realized that it was not the size I thought it was going to be, instead it was much smaller.

I emailed CSN Stores' customer service and received a response the same day. The customer service representative took the time to call the product manufacturer and discovered that the dimensions the manufacturer had given CSN Stores were incorrect. There was however, a larger size chrome drying rack that was a little more expensive. Our customer service representative ordered the larger Commercial Chrome Accordion Drying Rack and had it shipped to us at no additional charge!

We've been using the chrome drying rack for a few weeks now and LOVE it! This rack is 42" high, 14.5" deep and 29.4" long and is comparable in size to the wooden drying racks we already had. Also, like the wooden racks, this drying rack folds down to make it easy to store when not in use.

Unlike the wooden clothes drying rack that we had before this rack doesn't collapse on it's own every time I pick it up to carry it outside. We'll also not have to worry about paint chipping off or splinters snagging our cloth diapers or the delicate clothing that get dried on this rack. The rack also comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. The overall structure is very stable and seems very well made. Needless to say our other clothes drying racks have not been taken out once since we received the new one.

If you're looking for an easy way to hang delicate items to dry this Commercial Chrome Accordion Drying Rack may be just the thing for you. Right now it has a listed sale price of $34.99.

Check out CSN Stores for more laundry solutions and for all of your household needs.

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Blogger Mary Q Contrarie said...

I found this site that only sells the clothes drying rack that they produce right here in the USA. I got mine a couple weeks back and I love it. The really nice thing is that it can be fixed if it is ever broken. Though it looks like it is going to be pretty hard to break.

October 2, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

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