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A Heart For Home: TIPsters: A New, More Inclusive Tri-Moms

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TIPsters: A New, More Inclusive Tri-Moms

Last August I join Kristin as an official Tri-Mom member. I’ve really enjoyed being part of this mom community whose goal is to share knowledge with others and hopefully make their mothering journey just a little bit easier.

For a while we’ve been wanting to help this community grow and we are very excited to be announcing a change. Tri-Moms is changing to TIPsters. We want to Teach you, Inspire you, and Promote the high priority of family, home, and womanhood.

A Heart for Home
Kristin, Christy, and I are excited about opening our conversations to include women in general, not just moms. Although many of our topics will still focus on motherhood (it’s who we are), we will also be tackling many topics that are simply part of womanhood.

Another exciting change is that we are inviting you to join us as a TIPster guest host. Starting with our topic for next week, we are hoping to have one guest host share their thoughts on their own blog.

If you would like to be a TIPster guest host for one of our remaining spring topics, please leave a comment and one of us will contact you soon. Right now, we are only looking for one guest host per topic, so let us know which topic you’re interested in.

April 17: Spring Cleaning
May 1: Reflecting on the Past School Year
May 15: Summer Learning Plans

Benefits of guest hosting:
Guest hosting a TIPsters topic is a great way to share tools, tips, and tricks for what you do in your everyday life. It’s a wonderful time to help teach others and inspire them to action. We’re trying to build a community of encouragement for women in all seasons of life and you can be a part of that.

As an added bonus:
Kristin, Christy, and I will link to our guest host for each topic. All TIPster posts will also be added to my TIPster Pinterest board (which has over 500 followers). TIPster guest hosts will also receive the button below to display in their post or on their blog.

A Heart for Home
Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Leave a comment letting us know which topic you’re interested in writing about.


Be sure to click the link in the first email to activate your subscription.

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