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A Heart For Home: Endless Gifts

Monday, March 19, 2012

Endless Gifts

# 457. Baby blue eyes.
baby blue eyes 
# 458. Seeds planted in neat rows.

# 459. Watering the newly planted rows.

gardening with kids
# 460. Mason jars.

# 461. A new work schedule for my husband—more time home at night.

# 462. Eliya relaxing with two lawn chairs.

kids' lawn chairs
# 463. The older kids wanting to join in the fun.

kids' lawn chairs 2

# 464. Compliments in the grocery store.

# 465. A stranger in the grocery store asking Emahry if she goes to preschool in the afternoon and Emahry confidently telling her that she does school at home all day long (every moment is a chance to learn).

# 466. Blessings from strangers that refresh my spirit and bring s smile to my face.

# 467. Lunches made last night that make lunch time a breeze.
# 468. A surprise call from Tim in the middle of the morning.
# 469. Four playing together.
kids playing together
# 470. Oranges on sale.
# 471. Sticky hands and sticky kisses.
# 472. Amelia sitting up on her own. (Another reason we love our Boppy pillow.)
boppy pillow
Today's Question: What is one thing you are thankful for today?

holy experience
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When we are at a resteraunt with the entire family that is 8, we get so many compliments, as to our kids behavior, and what a lovely family we have. I just love that because it means we are doing something right.

March 19, 2012 at 6:51 PM  

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